23 Feb 2020

Dear church family

On 26 February Ash Wednesday, we begin the 40-day season of Lent. Lent is a season of spiritual preparation when we remember the temptation, ministry, suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is an opportune time for disciples of Jesus to seek God and draw closer to Him through fervent prayer, personal reflection, regular fasting and sincere repentance.

Let us take time to slow down during Lent. Here are some practical suggestions in walking through Lent.

  • Reflect on the cross and the power of the gospel of Christ.
  • Set aside extra time for prayer each day.
  • Fast regularly to devote time for prayer and Bible reading.
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts, prayers and reflections.
  • Give time to serve others in need in church or community.
  • Give money as freewill giving for missions and to the poor.
  • Forgive others and make things right in your relationships.

As we seek the Lord earnestly, may we experience a close personal encounter with our Abba Father through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit. Praise God for His merciful forgiveness when we truly repent of our sins, having a transformative change of heart and a definitive change in our way of life walking in holiness and godliness.

Pastor John

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