29 Mar 2020

Dear church family

In the midst of many challenges and difficulties in his life and kingship, King David trusted in Yahweh and kept his eyes on the Lord. In Psalm 16:8, David declared, “I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”  Why was David able to make this declaration with faith and confidence?  

Firstly, the Presence of God (“I have set the Lord always before me”). King David was a man after God’s heart. As he remained faithful and obedient to God and loved the Lord with all his heart, he was comforted by God’s presence. He experienced the fullness of joy and the blessing of God.

Secondly, the Power of God  (“because he is at my right hand”). As king of Israel, David faced tremendous challenges. Because David set the Lord continually before him and took refuge in God his Helper, he received God’s counsel and experienced the power of God helping him in all his difficulties.

Thirdly, the Peace of God (“I shall not be shaken”). Despite David’s many struggles, he was not shaken by them, but remained steady and secure. He had shalom peace and rest in God, trusting God and dwelling securely in the Lord.

We are all experiencing tremendous challenges and uncertainties in this worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. You may be going through struggles and heartaches in your life now. Let us keep the Lord continually before us, with childlike faith and whole-hearted dependence upon God. May you experience the presence, power and peace of our sovereign loving Abba Father deep in your heart.

Shalom in Christ
Pastor John

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