31 Jul 2022

I was observing a beautiful little toddler learning to walk under the watchful eyes of the father. She took a couple of steps and fell down. The father just looks at her and she stood up by herself and walked again. Again, she fell and pick herself up each time. She neither cry or scream when she fell, but just finds some way to help herself get up. Her father, meanwhile, continued to keep a watchful eye but did not help.

I could see that we allowed our children to fall and pick themselves up when they were younger as we deemed it the right thing to do. My question to myself was that why we do not allow them, as they grow older, to make mistakes in order for them to learn. As doting parents, we tend to want to put our children in glass houses, well protected. Or is it because we have a hidden agenda of having them ‘fulfil our unfulfilled dreams’? The way they dress, the schools they choose, or even the spouse that they intend to have. These are some of the matters that we parents interfere, causing much frustrations in our children. Something for us to think about.

God the Father keep a watchful eye on us as we navigate life. He allows us to make mistake and do encourage us to stand up from where we fell. He allows us to make our own choices, prompt us to think through carefully before we make those decisions. One thing He never do is to restrict us in our decision. He will guide us through the Holy Spirit and His word (the bible), but He let us make the choice. If we fall, He wants us to stand up and not stay down. He will help when He knows that we cannot cope or unable to do so. And never a day will go by without His watchful eye keeping us safe. It is left for us to stay within the safety confines of God.

Brothers and sisters, don’t be lazy and wants things fed to the mouth without lifting a finger. Don’t expect beautiful bed of roses without the thorns. They will be there, but the loving and watchful eyes of God the Father will always be on us to keep us safe. So learn to live free, enjoy God’s creation and live a moral and happy life.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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