31 May 2020

Dear family in Christ  

By now, you would have received the AGM report and the email notice explaining the virtual AGM processes. Please take time to read all the ministry reports and give thanks to God for his wonderful work of grace upon St John’s Chapel in discipleship, evangelism and missions. As you read the treasurer’s report, give thanks to God for his blessing and provision to enable us to return His tithes and offer freewill givings for the work of His eternal kingdom.

For the virtual AGM to be effective and to form the quorum, thank you for your help in submitting the electronic Proxy voting form by 14 June.

What a great joy that the whole diocese (27 parishes in Singapore and the churches in 6 deanery countries) can gather together as one Body of Christ on 31 May at 10.30 am to [celebrate] Pentecost Sunday, led by diocesan bishop Rennis and bishop-designate Titus. Let us pray and seek the Lord fervently that during this Pentecost, we might see:

  • God’s victory over Covid-19 and his purposes fulfilled through this pandemic.
  • People come to faith in Jesus through our personal testimonies and church online services.
  • Our diocese and the global Church arise with fresh zeal and power to minister to a lost and fearful world with God’s love.

Only the Holy Spirit can make this happen! Only the Holy Spirit can do a deep work of transformation in every heart to the glory of God. Let us devote ourselves to pray beseechingly, and prepare our hearts and homes for a fresh Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor John

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