5 Jul 2020

Dear family in Christ

Psalm 84 described a situation where a Levite (son of Korah) longed to be present physically at the Jerusalem temple for the worship of Yahweh. It expressed great delight to be in God’s dwelling place to experience His presence, to praise and adore Him and to rest in his grace and strength.  

For the past three months, the Church in Singapore has been unable to meet physically. I believe that there are many in our church community who miss being in community together praising the Lord and to be in fellowship with one another. We are thankful that under Phase Two, the church is now allowed to have congregational services, up to a maximum of 50 attendees at each service.

Before congregational services can resume, we need to obtain approval from the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) for our church’s Safe Management Plan (SMP). The SMP lists the multiple action plans and detailed safe distancing measures that our church will implement for our congregational services and church activities, with clear compliance to MCCY guidelines and restrictions (  https://www.mccy.gov.sg/about-us/news-and-resources/press-statements/2020/jun/resumption-of-more-religious-activities-in-phase-two  )

We are in the planning and preparation process to resume congregational services. Pls note the following key points:

  1. Tentative start date is 18-19 July 2020, subject to MCCY approval of the SMP.
  2. Children’s Ministry will not resume physically yet, but continue electronically over Zoom.
  3. There will be an online booking system to manage the “50-person” limit.
  4. Livestreaming (and recording) of church services will continue to be available.
  5. Holy Communion will resume in August 2020 and it will be celebrated weekly.

Thank you for your understanding and help during several safe transition stages these past few months. Value your prayers.

Pastor John

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