6 Jan 2019

Dear church family

As we begin the new year 2019, we are drawing one year closer to the Return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

May the last prayer found in the Bible at Revelation 22:20,  “Come, Lord Jesus”,  always be at the centre of our heart and prayers.

What is the Church (people of God) called to do in the light of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

  1. PREPARE herself as the glorious Bride to meet her Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.
    (Ephesians 5:25-27; Revelation 19:6-9)
  1. PROCLAIM the gospel and make disciples of all nations for our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    (Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 10:12-15)
  1. PRIORITISE and live our life with vision and purpose for our Lord Jesus Christ.
    (Matthew 6:24-34; Acts 20:24-27)


MARANATHA – “Even so, Come Lord Jesus”


Love in Christ
Pastor John

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